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Third Flatiron is open for submissions to their themed anthology Longevity from July 10- August 3, 2019. They are looking for stories between 1,500 and 3,000 words long, and pay rate is 8 cents a word. Full guidelines are here.

Miscreations is open to submissions and will close again August 31, 2019. They are looking for horror stories of between 2,000 and 5,000 words, and payment is 5 cents per word. You can find full guidelines here.

Deep Magic is now open for submissions and will close again on September 30, 2019. Payment is 6 cents per word  and payment is capped at 10,000 words. They also buy reprints at 2 cents per word. Full guidelines are here.


Grapevine/Market News

Truancy is a semipro market for revised folktales, legends, myth, and retelling of traditional narratives. They are reading for issues 6 and 7 until September 30,2019. They pay 2 cents per word for stories between 1,000 and 3,000 words, and a flat $15 for poetry. Full guidelines are here.

Frozen Wavelets is an e-zine of speculative flash fiction and poetry. They are looking for flash no longer than 750 words, and poems 10 lines or less. Payment for flash is 6 cents per word and submissions open July 1st. Full information is here. 

Grapevine/Market News

Thrilling Word’s mission is to promote episodic fiction.  Instead of publishing standalone speculative fiction short stories, they publish multiple flash fiction stories written by the same author.  Combined length for a two story submission should be no more than 2,000 words, and payment is a flat rate of $160.00 for two stories. You can find full details here.

Grapevine/Market News

The Speculative Literature Foundation is accepting applications through March 31st for its annual Older Writer’s Grant. Each year they award two $500 grants to assist writers over the age of 50. Full details on how to apply are here.

Translunar Travelers Lounge is looking for fun stories of up to 5,000 words. A fun story as defined by the editors, is one that works on the premise that things aren’t that bad, and that in the end, good will win. Payment is a semi-pro rate of 3 cents per word, and the submissions window closes on April 15th. Full details are here. 

Visions is open to submissions for their second issue from now until May 15, 2019. They are looking for stories up to 3,000 words and the theme for the second issue is humanity. Payment is 6 cents per word. Full details are here.

Grapevine/Market News

Uncanny Magazine is now open to submissions for Disabled People Destroy Fantasy from 1/15/2019 to 2/28/2019. They are looking for stories from writers who identify themselves as disabled. Disabilities can be visible or invisible. Stories should be between 750 and 6,000 words. Payment is 8 cents per word. Full details can be found here.

B Cubed Press has announced open calls for  three (3) new anthologies to be released in 2019. They are looking for stories of between 500 and 5,000 words. Submissions open immediately and close on April 15, 2019, for these anthologies:

• Alternative Bedtime Stories for Progressive Parents
• Alternative Apocalypses
• Tales from the Space Force

Pay is 2 cents per word, plus royalties. Full details can be found here.

Nightscape Press has two new open calls for submissions.

Their anthology Nox Pareidolia will open to submissions on April 1st and will close to submission at the close of that month. Payment is  6 cents per wor, and payment will be capped at 6,000 words.

Nightscape Press will open to short fiction collection submissions on May 17th and will close to submissions May 31st. Payment will include an advance and royalties to both the author and a charity of their choice. Short story collections must be 40,000 words or more, and include at least two to three previously unpublished works.

Full details for both these open calls are found here.

Grapevine/Market News

Remain Magazine is looking for stories between 1000 and 3000 words, that focus on survival situations, whether apocalyptic, dystopian or otherwise. Payment is 6 cents per word. They are also looking for comics, and will consider serializing stories. Full details are found here. 

Orbannin Books has opened for their first anthology project, Letters From The Grave: A Collection of Epistolary Horror. They are paying 5 cents per word and a contributor’s copy, and will be open until February 28, 2019. Stories should be between 2,000 and 10,000 words long. You can find full details here.

Grapevine/Market News

New Voices submissions are open to new and emerging writers only (no novel-length published work forthcoming at the time of submission). They except a variety of genres, and pay .10 cents per word up to $200.00. Stories can be up to 7,000 words long.

Full details can be found here.

Clarksworld Magazine is open to submissions. They are looking for science fiction and fantasy stories of between 1,000 and 16,000 words. Payment is 10¢ per word for the first 5000 words, 8¢ for each word over 5000.

Full details can be found here.