Publication News

Beth Cato has big news. Harper Collins Voyager will publish the third book of her geomancer trilogy next year. Watch for Roar Of Sky in 2018.

Lee P. Melling sent this news: “My flash fiction piece “Marrow’s Sweet Decay” has now been published by The Molotov Cocktail. You can read the story here.Thanks for your assistance and for running the OWW. I’d like to also say thanks to everyone who reviewed it for me on here.”

Fran Wilde is a busy writer. Her upcoming stories include: “Grotesquerie,” to Uncanny Magazine (out in September); “An Explorer’s Cartography of Already-Settled Lands,” to; “Death and My Mentions,” to The Death of All Things anthology; and “Happenstance” to Futurescapes. An essay, “Notes from the Meatcage” sold to Jim Hines and MaryAnne Mohanraj at Invisible3.


Publication News

Elizabeth Bear has announced a new Karen Memory novella titled Stone Mad, bought by Publishing and scheduled to be released in 2018. Also watch for the first book in her new Lotus Kingdoms trilogy The Stone in the Skull coming in October 2017.

Publication News

Gregor Hartmann shared some great news: “My story “Everyone Is Rising,” which was critiqued here about two years ago, has been published in the current (February) issue of Perihelion. The editor said he liked it — except for the last page. So I wrote an alternative ending. He didn’t like that, and proposed a second alternative ending. I didn’t like that, so I wrote a third alternative ending. We tinkered with the last two sentences and finally got the ball across the goal line.”

Suzanne Lazear wrote: “The book I workshopped on OWW came out in 2012 (Innocent Darkness), the sequels in 2013 and 2014 (the Aether Chronicles Series) . I had a new series start in 2016 (The Secret Lives of Rockstars) with the next book releasing in 2017. Thanks!”

Publication News

Jodi Meadows has a new fantasy trilogy in the works, and the first book will be released September of 2017. Watch for Before She Ignites (Fallen Isles Trilogy #1).

JJ Roth wrote to say: “My dark fiction flash piece, “Rumpelstiltskins,” appeared in the inaugural issue of Unnerving Magazine in December. I also sold an original piece, “All of the Cuddles With None of the Pain,” to Podcastle, publication date to be determined.”

Josh Vogt revealed the cover for the third in his Cleaners series. The Dustpan Cometh will be released in March of 2017. You can see the cover here.

Fran Wilde shared the cover reveal of the third book in her Bone Universe series. You can see the cover for Horizon (coming in September 2017) here.

Publication News

Jeffrey Steven Abrams writes to tell us: “My short story, “Unpredictable” was just published in the December 12th issue of A Lonely Riot magazine.” You can read the story here.

C.L. Polk had really big news this week. Her debut novel, Witchmark, sold to, with an unnamed second book to follow.

Fran Wilde shared great news as well. Her short story “An Explorer’s Cartography of Already-Settled Lands” sold to Watch for it soon.