Jaime Lee Moyer

With surprise and sadness, we share the news that our blog/newsletter editor, novelist Jaime Lee Moyer, has passed.

Jaime’s own writing included:

Tor Books

  • DELIA’S SHADOW, 2013

Jo Fletcher Books

  • BRIGHTFALL, September 2019
  • DIVINE HERETIC, August 2020

Sailing Paper Seas

  • YOUNGEST, June 2021
  • DISPOSABLE SON, July 2022

And being released:

Jaime was tireless and selfless in her support of OWW and our members. She was willing to do anything for the workshop and was the blog/newsletter editor for many years. She was a workshop member for decades.

Thank you, Jaime. You are missed.

Please do share your own thoughts or memories of Jaime in the related forum topic or to support@onlinewritingworkshop.com.

The staff and editors at OWW

A Message From The Online Writing Workshop

Dear Online Writing Workshop members,

The COVID-19 fallout is certainly affecting each of you in some way.  We hope you are staying safe, healthy, hopeful for the future, and creatively engaged.
As a token of our appreciation for your continued membership, and to support writers of all kinds, we are taking two specific actions:
  • extending all existing memberships by one month – this should have already been applied to your account!
  • offering an additional month free trial (so two total) for all new memberships [until stay-at-home orders are lifted globally]
We hope you will stay with us, increase your connections and activity, and welcome your friends, networks, and those you encounter who may be interested.  We are also working on promotional materials and other ways of spreading the word about OWW and building the community.
Be well, and happy writing and reviewing,
OWW Team


Site Updates!

We’re pleased to announce a pair of minor feature enhancements that members have been requesting!
  • By default, the Online Writing Workshop offers reviewers the ability to rate submissions by a number of criteria in addition to the primary critique method of entering their feedback. While some authors enjoy the “star ratings,” others do not; to enable everyone to have the workshop experience that they prefer, we’ve added the ability for authors to suppress the ratings area when reviewers critique their submissions.To disable the ratings area:
    1. Click the drop-down list next to the My Dashboard button.
    2. Click Account.
    3. In the Preferences section, select the Block reviewers from using the ratings when critiquing my submissions check box.
    4. Click Update Preferences.
  • When a reviewer saves a review in progress but does not submit it, the review remains in the Reviews section of the Dashboard. By default, if an author archives the submission, the review still remains in the Reviews section, although the reviewer cannot update it. We’ve now added the option for reviewers to hide these reviews!To suppress in-process critiques if the author shelves the submission:
    1. Click the drop-down list next to the My Dashboard button.
    2. Click Account.
    3. In the Preferences section, select the Hide draft reviews on dashboard if the author archives the submission check box.
    4. Click Update Preferences.
Note: The reviews remain on the database. If the author later unarchives the submission, the review is again displayed in the Reviews section, and the reviewer can update it.
In addition to these changes, the new Account option provides access to existing functionality in a new place, the Accounts page.
  • The Membership area displays your membership expiration date, and provides a link for you to extend your membership if you choose to do so.
  • The Info area provides links that enable you to update your profile and to change your password.
We hope you enjoy this new functionality! Please let us know what you think, and if there are any other improvements we can make for you!

Goodbye, Kagi, and thanks.

Kagi just announced it is ceasing operations as of now. Find out details at www.kagi.com, but it looks like this will be more complicated for suppliers (that’s us) than customers (that’s you).

The sad result is that OWW members who live outside the U.S. have fewer payment options now.  We will try to find other companies that offer quick, easy, reliable service.  Luckily PayPal (which most of you use) has gotten better for non-U.S. customers in the last few years, so the need is now less urgent.