Spotlight On Joshua Palmatier

  Hey, I’m fantasy author Joshua Palmatier, an OWW alumni, a member since almost the very beginning.  I’d like to introduce Zombies Need Brains.  It’s a small press I founded in 2013 because I got hooked editing SF&F themed anthologies for DAW Books.  I would have continued editing anthologies for them, but due to a […]

Spotlight on Anna Kashina

World building in fantasy and science fiction  World building is hugely important in any fiction genre. Effective world building enables us to create a setting, in which the reader can relate to the characters not only visually, but also in terms of their own sensory experience. A realistic world is essential for a believable story, […]

Spotlight on Joshua Palmatier

Kickstarters and Open Calls I’m stopping by Spotlight today to tell you the story of my small press, Zombies Need Brains, because it highlights some of the good and bad changes in the publishing world over the last ten years.  Before I created ZNB, I was writing fantasy for DAW Books (and I still am).  […]

Spotlight On Josh Vogt

                                           The Power of Persistence These days more than ever, there seems to be constant challenges and threats that we have to fight against–from the macro level in areas like global security to the micro level, like paying the bills or dealing with personal medical issues. It can feel disheartening and exhausting at times, […]

Spotlight on Josh Vogt

Author and editor Josh Vogt’s work covers fantasy, science fiction, horror, humor, pulp, and more. His debut fantasy novel is Pathfinder Tales: Forge of Ashes, published alongside his urban fantasy series, The Cleaners, with Enter the Janitor and The Maids of Wrath. He’s an editor at Paizo, a Scribe Award finalist, and a member of both SFWA and the […]

Spotlight on P.J. Thompson

Folklore Thursday has become a regular feature on many social media sites and blogs. Lovers of mythology read the posts and links that show up, writers find a treasure trove of story prompts and are given new ideas. Some of the best posts I’ve seen have been written by OWW alumni PJ Thompson. I’m very […]

Spotlight on Marsheilla Rockwell and Jeffrey J. Mariotte

        Most writers work alone, spending months inside their own heads while writing their novels. Collaboration is a skill–and an opportunity–not all of us have, and when looked at from the outside appears just a little mysterious. This month partners Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell and Jeffrey J. Mariotte agreed to share a little […]

Spotlight on Tony Peak

Tony Peak isn’t just a member of OWW, he’s an Active Member of the SFWA and an Affiliate Member of the HWA. His debut novel Inherit The Stars was published by Penguin Random House in November 2015. His interests include progressive thinking, music, wine, history, Transhumanism, and planetary exploration. Happily married, he resides in rural […]