Publication News

Gary Buller wants us to know: “Had two short stories published by Deadman’s Tome, “The Way Out” and “Escape.”   Both stories reviewed on OWW. (Thanks All!)”

Christine Lucas has news of the best kind: “April has been a good month for me: Four of my OWW-critted stories found their ways to good homes. “Even Death” will appear in Cast of Wonders, “Ghostly Serenades by the Nile” to, “The Promise of Spring” to the Procyon Science Fiction anthology, and “The Last Dues Owed” went to Cirsove magazine.”

Lizzie Newell wants to tell us about her news: “I’ve been away for OWW for some years. I’ve gone the self-pub route and have two books out, Sappho’s Agency  and The Fisherman and the Sperm Thief . The Fisherman and the Sperm Thief was developed out of a short story “The Stud” initially written for an OWW challenge. I recall that the challenge was to write a short story with a POV character who couldn’t see.”


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