Publication News

Luke Kendall wants us all to know: “The series launch for the first two books in my sci-fi/fantasy series The Leeth Dossier will be held at Gleebooks in Glebe in Sydney, Australia, at 3:30pm Sat 9th July, 2016.  I’ll be providing a little food and drink. I published the 1st book, Wild Thing, at the start of this year, and the 2nd, Harsh Lessons, will be published at the start of July.”

Jeremy Tolbert had some great news this month:“Taste the Singularity at the Food Truck Circus” has completed revisions and will appear in Lightspeed Magazine in August. It’s a fun story aimed at a cross section of foodies and SF fans. Additionally, I have sold a new story, “The West Topeka Triangle” to John Joseph Adams for either Lightspeed or Nightmare Magazine.  We’ll be working on revisions to that one to see ultimately where it fits best. I believe it is my best work yet, and I think you will love it!”

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