Writing Challenge/Prompt

Mixing old genre tropes can often have fresh new results, and result in amazing stories.

So imagine this scenario. You are the Captain of a brand new starship on her maiden voyage. Your ship is hundreds of light years from Earth when you start hearing odd noises. The head of engineering delivers her team’s findings in person, knowing you won’t believe them any more than she did at first.

There is a very confused troll under the bridge of your new starship. His name is Horatio.

Remember: Challenges are supposed to be fun, but don’t forget to stretch yourself and take risks. If you normally write fantasy, try science fiction. If you’ve never tried writing in first or second person, here’s your chance. The story doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, this is all about trying new things and gaining new skills, and most of all, having fun. Challenge stories can go up at anytime. Put “Challenge” in the title so people can find it.

Challenges can be suggested by anyone and suggestions should be sent to Jaime (news (at) onlinewritingworkshop.com).

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