Publication News

Gregor Hartmann shared some great news: “My story “Everyone Is Rising,” which was critiqued here about two years ago, has been published in the current (February) issue of Perihelion. The editor said he liked it — except for the last page. So I wrote an alternative ending. He didn’t like that, and proposed a second alternative ending. I didn’t like that, so I wrote a third alternative ending. We tinkered with the last two sentences and finally got the ball across the goal line.”

Suzanne Lazear wrote: “The book I workshopped on OWW came out in 2012 (Innocent Darkness), the sequels in 2013 and 2014 (the Aether Chronicles Series) . I had a new series start in 2016 (The Secret Lives of Rockstars) with the next book releasing in 2017. Thanks!”

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