Publication News

Beth Cato has big news. Harper Collins Voyager will publish the third book of her geomancer trilogy next year. Watch for Roar Of Sky in 2018.

Lee P. Melling sent this news: “My flash fiction piece “Marrow’s Sweet Decay” has now been published by The Molotov Cocktail. You can read the story here.Thanks for your assistance and for running the OWW. I’d like to also say thanks to everyone who reviewed it for me on here.”

Fran Wilde is a busy writer. Her upcoming stories include: “Grotesquerie,” to Uncanny Magazine (out in September); “An Explorer’s Cartography of Already-Settled Lands,” to; “Death and My Mentions,” to The Death of All Things anthology; and “Happenstance” to Futurescapes. An essay, “Notes from the Meatcage” sold to Jim Hines and MaryAnne Mohanraj at Invisible3.


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