Reviewer Honor Roll

The Reviewer Honor Roll is a great way to pay back a reviewer for a really useful review. When you nominate a reviewer, we list the reviewer’s name, the submission/author reviewed, and your explanation of what made the review so useful. The nomination appears in the Honor Roll area of OWW the month after you submit it, and is listed for a month. You can nominate reviewers of your own submissions or reviewers of other submissions, if you have learned from reading the review. Think of it as a structured, public “thank you” that gives credit where credit is due and helps direct other OWWers to useful reviewers and useful review skills.

Visit the Reviewer Honor Roll page for a complete list of nominees and explanatory nominations.

[ March 2017] Honor Roll Nominees

Reviewer: L. V. Newell
Submission: Under Ordshaw by Phil Williams
Submitted by: Phil Williams

Reviewer: Steve Brady
Submission: This Side of the Wall Ch 1 and 2 by Guy Cheston
Submitted by: Guy Cheston

Reviewer: Kelsey Hutton
Submission: ‘She Who Burns’ by Kate Wooderson
Submitted by: Kate Wooderson

Reviewer: Marianne Kirby
Submission: The Earthly Garden by Christi Nogle
Submitted by: Christi Nogle

Reviewer: Owen G. Richards
Submission: The Last Key Master Prologue Revised (Re-Written) C4C by Jason Magnason
Submitted by: Jason Magnason

Reviewer: Michael Glaviano
Submission: Maker Faire Ch. 1 by Susie Strachan
Submitted by: Susie Strachan

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