Publication News

William Delman has good news to share: “I sold a piece that was in the workshop recently. “Nothing to See Here” will be appearing in SciFan Magazine later this month–Issue 10 is available for presale on Amazon now. I’d like to say a big “thank you” to everyone in the workshop that provided me with suggestions and comments for this one, including Gregor Hartmann, Skye Allen, Jonathan Hoffman, and Allan Dyen-Shapiro. I have another one to add!  I just sold “Donuts’ End” to The Arcanist. I want to thank everyone in the workshop that helped me sharpen this one, including Allan Dyen-Shapiro, Gregor Hartmann, Jonathon Hoffman, Jack Jonnes, Will Mason, and Robert Paul. The story should be available online December 22nd.”


Allan Dyen-Shapiro writes: “Hi, all. I have some major thank yous to send out to those who critiqued my short story, “I’m Proud of You, Mum,” as it is now my second sale ever to a market paying pro rates (ninth short story sale in total.) It will run in volume 1 of the anthology series, Mind Candy. The editor/publisher, Alvin Mullen, is shooting for publication in Jan/Feb 2018.Those I owe thanks: Rob Graves (who, among other things, corrected my first attempt at writing in British English); Jon Paradise (even though you thought my ending was twee, making you one of the very few people on this planet who has ever told me I wasn’t being dark enough 🙂 ); Steve Brady; Gene Spears; Gregor Hartmann; and Zvi Zaks. And the rest of this wonderful community, as I would never have gone from knowing absolutely nothing about writing fiction to having actual sales without the help of OWW.”


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