Publication News

C.L. Clark wants to brag a little: “I just wanted to brag a little about my short story, “Sisyphus,” that I sold and that was recently published in FIYAH Literary Magazine. I got some good feedback and a confidence boost from the OWW to send it back into the world and it turned out well.”

Gregor Hartmann has good news: “My story “Emissaries from the Skirts of Heaven,” which was critiqued at OWW in the spring of 2016, has been bought by Charles Finley at F&SF. The structure was a technical challenge to myself. I had been writing a lot of one-scene stories, very compressed in time, space, number of characters. So I resolved to write about a single character, showing brief scenes of her long complicated life. A sequence of snapshots, if you will, that resulted in a satisfying character arc. I’m pleased that it worked.”

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