Publication News

Elizabeth Bear has a new story up in Uncanny Magazine. You can read “She Still Loves the Dragon” here.

Allan Dyen-Shapiro wrote with great news: “I owe another round of big thank-yous, as I have sold another story first critiqued on OWW, my third sale to a market paying pro-rates. My story, “Crossing the Boundaries of Virtual Jerusalem” will run in the anthology of SF stories set in the Middle East, HOLY COW: SF Stories from the Center of the World, expected publication June 2018.Big thanks to those who critiqued it for me: Steve Brady, Zvi Zaks, Joseph Layden, Richard Keelan, Jacob Sipes, Julius Athens, and Cyd Haselton.”
Fran Wilde also has a piece up in Uncanny Magazine. You can read “We Will See You Now” here.

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