Writing Challenge/Prompt

First lines can be the most important part of a story. A first line can set up a story, draw in a reader, make you curious. Some starts to first lines get used again and again–“Once upon a time…” or “Long ago…”–because they work, accomplish all of those things and more, and can apply to any genre. The way you finish that sentence is the key.

Use this first line for this month’s challenge, or you can think of your own variation:

Long ago, no one knew the world was flat.

Remember: Challenges are supposed to be fun, but don’t forget to stretch yourself and take risks. If you normally write fantasy, try science fiction. If you’ve never tried writing in first or second person, here’s your chance. The story doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, this is all about trying new things and gaining new skills, and most of all, having fun. Challenge stories can go up on the workshop at anytime. Put “Challenge” in the title so people can find it.

Challenges can be suggested by anyone and suggestions should be sent to Jaime (news (at) onlinewritingworkshop.com).

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