Writing Challenge/Prompt

We all have holiday traditions of one sort or another, no matter what the holiday or the culture we come from. Some our parents or grandparents instilled in us after learning them from their grandparents. Others are long established in the society we live in; still others we make up as we go along.

Now think of a character. What if she/he was tasked by a mysterious someone with the job of coming up with all new traditions for the biggest holiday of the year? And what if she/he discovered this mystery power made the same demand every few centuries, and refusing brought disaster? Ask yourself why and what purpose that request serves.

Now write a story about that concept. Twist it any direction you choose.

Remember: Challenges are supposed to be fun, but don’t forget to stretch yourself and take risks. If you normally write fantasy, try science fiction. If you’ve never tried writing in first or second person, here’s your chance. The story doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, this is all about trying new things and gaining new skills, and most of all, having fun. Challenge stories can go up on the workshop at anytime. Put “Challenge” in the title so people can find it.

Challenges can be suggested by anyone and suggestions should be sent to Jaime (news (at) onlinewritingworkshop.com).

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