Publication News

Elizabeth Bear made a great announcement this week. Saga Press has bought her new space opera novel, Ancestral Nights, and will be publishing it here in the US in 2018. This is the first of a duology originally sold to Gollancz in the UK. Saga and Gollancz plan to publish the novel simultaneously on both sided of the Atlantic. You can read more about this news here.

Sean O`Brien sent us another exciting publishing success story: “I’ve been a member of the OWW for many years (off and on, that is). I’ve found the site an invaluable resource and have forged some lasting friendships there, as well as referred several writer friends to it. I wanted to thank all involved for your hard work in keeping the forum going. My most recent novel Beltrunner--and one which was workshopped on OWW–was published in February of this year by EDGE Publishing.” You can learn more about Sean’s novel here.

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