Publication News

Gregor Hartman sends very happy news: “My fight club story which I posted here in the spring of 2015 has been bought by F&SF. Back then it was called “On Bone,” which sucked; subsequently I changed it to “What the Hands Know.” My thanks again to Meredith, Allan, Elad, Owen, Charlotte, Robert, and Terry for pointing out weaknesses that needed to be fixed.”

Mark Reeder also had good news to share: “Wanted to let you know that a novel I co-authored with Ron Meyer was released October 15.  The Adam Enigma from Origin Press is a paranormal thriller with magical realism. It has a startling premise – a radical twist on Christ’s promise to return to earth and lead humanity into a new era, though in ways not anticipated by the churches or by anyone else.” You can learn more about the book here.

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